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Using Flexichannel to View Different Channels in Live or Blind


How do I change my channels tab to only look at certain channels?

Why don't I see all of my channels in the Live or Blind Channel tab?


The [Flexi] key on your face panel changes what channels you see in your Live tab, or the Flexichannel state.

To change Flexichannel state, select your Live or Blind tab so it is highlighted in yellow then tap the [Flexi] key. Each time you tap [Flexi], the tab name and label in the upper right corner of the tab will change to reflect the Flexichannel state. You will see only channels that fall under the option you have selected. For example, 'Live Summary Manual' or 'Live Table Manual' only shows channels with manual (red) values applied to them.

You have the following Flexichannel state options:

  1. All Channels
  2. Patched Channels
  3. Manual Channels
  4. Show Channels
  5. Active Channels
  6. In Use Channels
  7. Selected Channels
  8. View Channels
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