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Why does the fader page stay on page 1 when I try to step or scroll to other pages?


I'm trying to step or scroll to other fader pages by hitting the Fader Page button, or by holding that button and rolling the level wheel. I see the text above the command line that says Fader Page or Fader Page Next when I do this, but at the bottom right of my screen, it only ever says Fader Page 1.

Explanation of Issue

The most likely cause of this issue is that your faders on Page 2 and onwards have no content mapped to them. Eos family consoles won't scroll through fader pages that are entirely unmapped, which is why the fader page never changes.

The solution to the issue is to map content to subsequent fader pages first. Those pages will then be included when you scroll through.


Make sure the content you're mapping already exists before you attempt to map it to a fader. For example, if you want to map Sub 11 to Fader Page 2 Fader 1, you would use the following steps:

  1. Record Sub 11 however you prefer; for example, by bringing up a look in Live, and then pressing [Record] [Sub] [11] [Enter].
  2. Type [Fader] [2/1] [Mapped To] [Sub] [11] [Enter].
    1. Note that [Fader] and [Mapped To] are both softkeys.
  3. When you step or scroll through your fader pages, Page 2 will now be included. Repeat these steps for subsequent pages, if you wish.

If you wish to create dummy subs with no content, and then map those to your fader pages, follow these steps, instead:

  1. Enter Blind: Sub by opening the Sub tab, or double-tapping the Sub button.
  2. Type [Sub] [x] [Thru] [Thru] [y] [Enter], where x and y define the Sub range you wish to create.
    1. For example, [Sub] [1] [Thru] [Thru] [100] [Enter] will create 100 blank Subs.
  3. In Live, type [Sub] [x] [Thru] [y] [Load], and your subs will automatically be loaded to faders sequentially.
    1. Note that [Load] is a softkey.
  4. You can now scroll through however many fader pages you assigned content to, and record over the dummy subs when necessary.
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