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Contents of the Showfile on Diskette in Express

When you write to diskette, everything that you programmed into your show and everything that you set in the console to make that show happen are stored in a single showfile. Show and configuration information, however, may be read separately from the showfile.

The System Configuration contents of the showfile are defined as all those things you set in the console that commonly remain the same for all shows. Show contents of the showfile contain certain other settings, such as changes in defaults that are likely to be set for a specific show, and all those programmed elements of the show that directly control the lights, including the patching, cues and dimmer settings. A complete accounting of showfile contents, broken down into Show and System Configuration components, is given in Showfiles.

100 System configuration information was not saved on diskette for shows recorded prior to version 3.03 software.

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