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Cue List in Express

The Cue List allows editing of upfade, downfade and wait times; link and follow settings; rate; and cue label. This list also allows you to delete cues from your show.


Up to 18 cues are displayed on this Cue List at one time. Screens can be paged if there are more than 18 cues in the show. Press [Blind] [S2], Cue List, to display the Cue List.

Cue List.png

Editing cues

Edit one cue or multiple cues at a time in the Cue List with the following procedure. Changes made are recorded immediately.

Keystrokes: Action:
1. Press [Blind]. Selects Blind display
2. Press [S2], Cue List Displays Cue List
3. Press [1] [Thru] [3]. Selects cues 1, 2 and 3
Prompt reads:
Select cue number(s)
4. Press [] until the cursor reaches the attribute you wish to edit.a The prompt indicates your options or prompts you to enter a new setting
5. Enter the new setting for the attribute and press [Enter]. Changes the cue

aAlternatively, you may press [Type], [Time], [Link], [Follow] or [Wait] keys to enter the field you want. You cannot gain access to the label field from the console. In Expression Off- Line, type the keyboard equivalent “B” to enter the label field.
75Use keyboard equivalent “B” in Expression Off-Line to assign labels. See Expression Off-Linefor details.

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