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Diskette Management in Express

The console lets you save one show on a double-sided, high density (1.44 MB) 3.5-inch diskette. This feature allows you to back up your shows for safety. It also allows you to transfer your shows to other consoles, work on more than one show at a time and use more than 600 cues in a show by loading a second show into memory.

Label each diskette carefully and clearly to help you keep track of what show is on the diskette. You can also use any of the Read options to find out the name of the show and when it was transferred to diskette.99

Before you can use a diskette in the console, you must format it on the console or on an IBM PC-compatible with a high-density drive. Formatting instructions using the console are given in this chapter.

98 See The oversized show.
99 See Expression Off-Line, to name a show in Expression Off-Line.

Storing diskettes

  • Store diskettes at a temperature between 50 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Keep diskettes away from magnets, magnetized objects or heavy electrical equipment, including large lighting equipment.
  • Do not touch the magnetic disk inside the plastic diskette case.
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