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Fade time default settings in Express consoles

The console assumes default values for upfade and downfade times, but you can change them. Change all fade times at once by changing the default values, as explained below. You can also change fade times individually as explained under Recording a cue with a single fade time, and also under Recording a cue with split fade times.6

Fade times may be programmed from 0.1 seconds to 99:59 minutes. The number may be entered in normal time format or in decimal format. When entered with a decimal point, the number must be less than one minute (0.1 to 59.9 seconds) to be accepted. When entered without a decimal point, a 2-digit number will be treated as seconds if less than 60 and as a calculated value of minutes and seconds if between 60 and 99. For example, if you enter 70, the time will display as 1:10. If you enter either a 3-digit or a 4-digit number, the last two digits, up to 59, are interpreted as seconds. For example, if you enter 9930, the time will display as 99:30.

Follow these steps to assign new default fade times.

Keystrokes: Action:
1. Press [Setup]. Selects Setup display
2. Select [1], System Settings, and press [Enter]. Selects System Settings menu
3. Select [3], Default Fade Time, and press [Enter]. Prompt reads: Enter default up fadetime
4. Press [6] to enter a six second upfade time. Corner reads: UpTime 6
5. Press [Enter] Prompt reads: Enter default down fadetime
6. Press [3] to enter a three second downfade time.a Corner reads: DnTime 3
7. Press [Enter]. Fade times are reset

If you want the upfade and downfade times to be the same, skip steps 6 and 7. The downfade would take whatever value you assigned to the upfade time in step 4.
The factory-set default fade time is five seconds.

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