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Fader clear time default settings in Express consoles

The default fader clear time determines the fade time for both [Clear] keys. Pressing the [Clear] key above one of the fader pairs clears the cue from the fader, fading all channels in that fader to zero. Channels black out immediately when clear time is zero.

Fader clear times can be programmed from 0.1 second to 99:59 minutes. See Setting default fade times, for information about entering the time value.

Follow these steps to set a new default fade time.7

Keystrokes: Action:
1. Press [Setup] Selects Setup display
2. Select [1], System Settings, and press [Enter]. Selects System Settings menu
3. Select [5], Default Fader Clear Time, and press [Enter]. Prompt reads: Enter default fader clear time
4. Press [9] to enter the time value you wish to assign Corner reads: Time 9
5. Press [Enter]. New default time is set to nine seconds

7. The factory-set default fader clear time is zero seconds.

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