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Fader keys on Express consoles


Each fader is equipped with a Clear key. To remove a cue from the fader, press the appropriate Clear key. Clear an effect cue by pressing either once or twice. If the effect cue is in an upfade or dwell time, pressing [Clear] once starts a downfade and pressing [Clear] again ends the downfade in the fader clear time. Pressing [Clear] while an effect is in a downfade ends the downfade in the fader clear time.57


Each fader has its own Go key. If you press [Go] before a cue finishes playing, the previous cue stops, and the new cue begins from the levels at which the previous cue was interrupted. Press [Go] to play back the cue selected on the Cue List. Press [Go] to resume a fade that has been interrupted by pressing [Hold].


Each fader has its own Hold key. If a cue is running, press [Hold] to pause playback of the cue. Press [Hold] a second time to cancel playback of the cue in the fader, leaving it in the fader where it stopped, or press [Go] to resume the fade.


Each fader has its own Back key. Press [Back] to replay the cue most recently played on that fader. Press [Back] again to play the cue before it on the Cue List, and so forth, moving backward through the Cue List. Cues play back using the fade and wait times recorded with the cue.

The cue following the cue replayed by pressing [Back] becomes the first cue in the Cue List. If you then press [Go], that cue plays. Replaying with Back ignores cue links.

This example demonstrates the use of the Go, Hold and Back keys:

Keystrokes: Actions:
1. Press [Stage]. Selects Stage mode display
2. Press [Cue] [2]. Selects cue 2
3. Press [Go]. Runs cue 2
4. While cue is running, press [Hold]. Running cue pauses
5. Press [Go]. Cue resumes
6. Once cue finishes, press [Back]. Previous cue fades up on stage

57 The default fader clear time is zero, which means that pressing [Clear] ends a downfade immediately. For instructions on changing fader clear time, see Setting default fader clear time.

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