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Flexichannel in Express consoles

When you enable Flexichannel only channels used somewhere in the show will appear on the display screens, subject to the following rules:

  • Flexichannel5 displays channels whose levels are set, whether recorded somewhere in the show or not.
  • Flexichannel does not display channels whose attributes are changed unless their levels are also set.
  • Flexichannel shows the channels for all fixtures patched in the show.
  • Flexichannel shows all channels on link lists.
  • Flexichannel shows focus point links, if applicable (see focus point links to the right of the levels in the illustration below).

By only displaying channels used in the show, you can reduce the amount of time you spend moving from page to page to find channels. All other screen elements are unchanged.


Working with Flexichannel active differs from working without Flexichannel in only one respect, selecting channels. See Selecting channels in Flexichannel modefor more information.

Note-Icon-new.png Note: In Patch mode, channels are highlighted if they appear in the Flexichannel list; they are grayed out if they do not.

Updating Flexichannel

When channels that were used in a show are removed from the show, they remain in channel displays until Flexichannel is updated. Press [Setup] [1] [Enter] [S1], Purge Flexi, to update Flexichannel. This update follows the same rules for Flexichannel that are given above.

You also update Flexichannel displays when you load another show from diskette or when you cycle the console’s power off and on.

See Enable / disable Flexichannel, for information about enabling Flexichannel.

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