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Understanding ETCNet in Express

The console is capable of operating with other devices in local area networks. ETC has two such networks, ETCNet and ETCNet2, and both operate using Ethernet protocols.

None of the Expression-family consoles are capable of operating directly on ETCNet2. One exception is through the use of a ETCNet2 DMX Node as a DMX-to-ETCNet2 converter, but this network configuration will not be discussed in this User Manual.

When operating on ETCNet, any network interface device connected to the network mimics the output of the console. Your network devices can be the older-style Remote Interface Unit (RIU) devices or Remote Video Interface (RVI) devices. Or, they may be ETC’s newest remote interface devices, including the ETCNet2 DMX Node and the ETCNet2 Video Node. You can mix and match old and new interface devices in your network. Only the newer nodes are capable of operating on ETCNet2.

Installing interface devices

To install RIU or RVI devices, follow the instructions given in the Reference appendix of this manual. To install an ETCNet2 node, see the separate Installation Guide for that device.

Network wiring

Express consoles are now designed to operate only with twisted pair network wiring.121 Connect a twisted pair cable to the RJ45 connector on the back of the console and run it to a network hub or interface device.

It makes a difference to your console whether you are connected to a hub or directly to an interface device. When connecting directly, the signals between the console and the interface device must be swapped on the twisted pairs. When connecting to a hub, that swapping is taken care of by the hub. To verify or change this setting, press [Setup] [6] [Enter] [1][2] [Enter]. Press 1or 0, if necessary, as directed by the screen prompt. Press [Enter] to complete the operation.

121 If using an older console and thinnet, see Using thinnet with older consoles, for information and instructions.

Preparing interface devices

Every device operating on your ETC network must be running the same system software. If you have a new system, most likely the software installed in each device is compatible with all the others. But different versions of software can exist in different devices because of software upgrades that occurred while the device was being manufactured. You should make sure.

To verify the software running on your interface devices and upgrade it if necessary, go to the Remote Unit Upgrade Program display. You reach this display using the Remote Interface diskette supplied with your system or in a system software upgrade kit. Follow the procedure given under Upgrading remote interface devices.

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