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Unpatching individual dimmers on Express consoles

When you unpatch dimmers, they are assigned to channel zero. Channel zero functions as a holding area in which you may store dimmers not included in your patch. It is not an actual control channel.

Before you begin creating a custom patch, you may find it helpful to assign all dimmers to channel zero. Then when you begin patching, you can select dimmers from channel zero and patch them to channels as you like.

Dimmers assigned to channel zero are listed at the end of the channel list in the Patch display as “- -.” These dimmers are not assigned to any channel but remain on the patch screen.

Follow these steps to assign dimmers to channel zero.

Keystrokes: Action:
1. Press [Patch]. Selects Patch display
2. If the [Dim] LED is unlit, press [Dim] to indicate that the next number entered will be a dimmer. Prompt reads: Select dimmer numbers, then press ENTER to assign to a channel, or press AT to assign a level, or press PROFILE to assign a profile
3. Use the keypad to enter the desired dimmer number(s) Use [And], [Thru] or [Except] for multiple selections.  
4. Press [S6], Unpatch. Selected dimmers are unpatched and assigned to channel zero (- -)

14  Labeling for Express can be done in Expression Off-Line. See Expression Off-Line. 

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