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Mouse Or Trackball Won’t Work on Expression 2 or 3 Console

The pointing device needs to be a DOS compatible Mouse/Track ball that does not need to have any drivers loaded in order to work. Logitech Mouse/Trackballs usually work well.  The console uses a DB-9 connector (as opposed to a DIN-style).

Devices known to work: Logitech M/N T-CM14 Serial Marble Mouse.- Kensington Serial Track Ball for IBM PC Model 64215 Version 5


Note: These Mice are getting harder and harder to find.  If you find others that work, please contact ETC Technical Services at 1-800-688-4116.

Also, in the ML Encoder Setup, a given attribute can only be assigned to one encoder per page, including TX and TY.  In other words, you cannot have Pan on X and on TX on the same attribute page.  (TX and TY are trackball/mouse device, X and Y are the Rate and Level wheels built into the console).

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