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Color Scheme of Channel Assignments In Insight


Gray Unselected channel
White Channel is not selected by Only Function
Yellow Selected channel. Controlled by the "Y" wheel


Gray bar Surrounds all channels of one fixture
Light gray Low channels for 16-bit data types
Gold Channels linked through the link list or fixtures
Yellow Selected channels of selected fixtures


White on Red Channel level when it is being changed
Yellow In Stage, a channel in yellow was set by a sub master
White In stage, a channel in white was set by an effect. In Blind, a channel in white was set by a sub master, group, focus point. Or an all fade cue
Gray Channel was recorded into a multi-part cue, but not in the currently displayed part (Blind only)
Red In Stage, captured channels are in red. In Blind, channels not recorded are in red
Green Channel output levels are changed from what was in the previous cue. In Blind, channel output is lower than it was in the previous cue
Purple Channel output level is the same as it was in the previous cue (tracking)
Blue In Blind only, channel output level is higher than it was in the previous cue


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