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Obsession 1 and 2 Deep Clear Methods

Before any Deep Clear, Make sure the customer has their current show saved to disk and hard drive. It is also a good idea to save their I/O configuration if they have changed any DMX settings, are using multi-user, or MIDI/SMPTE. A Deep Clear will clear out the I/O Configuration, Patch and Show.

I/O Configuration Save Procedure:
[Setup][2] (Input/Output Configuration) [Enter][S3] (Store configuration to hard drive) or [S5] (Store to diskette) [Enter][Enter].

Show Save Procedure:
[Setup][3][Enter] (Diskette Functions) [1][Enter][Enter][Enter][S8] [4] (Hard Drive Functions) [Enter]  [S2][Enter][Enter].

Soft Deep Clear:
[Setup][1] (System Settings) [Enter] [13][Enter][Enter][Enter] (Reset System).


DOS deep clear:
If in DOS, Type: [OBS {space} 789] [Enter] (This will launch the Obsession program and perform a deep clear as it boots).

I/O Configuration Load Procedure:
[Setup][2] (Input/Output Configuration) [Enter][S2] (Load configuration from hard drive) or [S4] (Load from diskette) [Enter][Enter].

Show Loading Procedure:
(From Disk) [Setup][3][Enter][3] (Read All) [Enter][Enter][Enter]
(From Hard Drive) [Setup][4][Enter] (Arrow up or down to desired show) [S5] (Read All) [Enter][Enter].

Note-Icon.png Note: In Hard Drive Functions, "Read Show" does not read patch. Understandably this is confusing since "Store Show" does save patch.
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