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Obsession Config.dat File Information and Defaults


  • The following are valid config.dat entries and the default settings that are assumed if these entries are missing.

    These are the default entries in new Obsession 2 processors:

    directory >> Location of obs.exe on hard drive. (Obsession executable) (Default is \etc)

    serial_number >> Serial number of processor. Must be entered manually. An error will be displayed at startup on 4.4 and above systems if this is missing or empty. *Required Entry* Number should be 4 digit.

    slave_type >> Which version of "slave" code to initiate. (Default is IPentium) Options: IPentium, i486, i960.

    main_videos >> Sets number of main video screens to send to console. (Default is 2)

    video_type >> Local video type. (Default is etc) Options: etc, vga, network.

    network_connected >> Lets Obsession know if it is running on a network. (Default is yes) Options: etc, vga, network.

    remote_video_type >> Sets video type to stream over the network.(Default is network) Options: etc, vga, network.

    face_panel >> For local facepanel on Obsession 1 systems. Options: yes, no. (Must be no for Obsession 2 or Obsession 1 RPU's.)

    diskette_drive >> Tag to allow A or B drives in Obsession or Obsession Off-Line. (Default is A) Options A, B.
    config_dip_switch=10000000 Leave this as it is. Undocumented.

    message_log >> If set to "yes" message logging is forced on. (default is yes) Options yes, no.

    verbose >> Sets verbose level of message log. Higher number means more details info. Valid range: 0 thru 3. (Default 1).

    network_dmx >> Toggle to turn on or off DMX ports on RIU's. Should be set to on. Options yes, no.

    soft_power >> Indicates whether the processor has soft power.  (Default is Yes)Options: yes, no.



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