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MicroVision Common Problems

What do I do if I'm having problems with the Disk Drive, corrupt shows and data?

You could be using a HD (High Density) disk.  Must use a DD (Double Density) disk, if you do not, you can ruin your disk drive and your disk.  Could be a corrupt show or disk.  If that is OK, then check cabling to disk drive.  Make sure it is plugged in correctly, and is not shorted or cut.  If that is OK then the disk drive could need replacing.  U9 Mod wire (green) must also be present, if not it should be sent in for repairs.

What do I do if the Micro Vision console is having DMX problems?

The 75176 chip (located in U16) needs to be replaced.  This is a socketed chip. This chip pops out and can be replaced easily.  When taking this chip out and replacing it, the person should be grounded.  If the person does not have a wrist strap or any other method of grounding himself or herself, they should place one hand on any metal part of the console before touching the chip or any part of the board, and leave their hand on the metal until they are finished replacing the chip.

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