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Philosophy of the SmartFade

SmartFade is designed to be simple to use, and still offer advanced functionality for a standard rig of conventional lights.

The back-lit buttons make it possible to run SmartFade without an additional screen. They offer information about content, fader mode and channel intensities.

The LCD and the wheel provides a powerful menu-driven editing functionality.

HTP control rules

Dimmer channels operate using Highest Takes Precedence (HTP). This means that if an intensity is output from more than one fader, the highest level will be the resulting output.

Intensity channels can be set to a level using the channel faders. These channel faders operate in the Live fader of the Crossfader. They can be used to take a level originating from the Crossfader either up or down. Set levels will fade out when the Crossfader is operated.

Different ways to use SmartFade

SmartFade consoles can be run in Normal Mode, Two Scene Mode and DMX Backup Mode. See General Information in SmartFade for Two Scene Mode See General Information in Smartfade for DMX Backup Mode.

These are some different approaches to using SmartFade in Normal Mode.

Manual control

Levels are set directly using faders.

Single Scene crossfading

Set up levels blind, and then crossfade into them Live. See “Single Scene Crossfading.”

Programming for improvised playback

Prepare memories and sequences.

Programming a Cue List for playback

Record a Stack with up to 199 steps and fade times for playback in the crossfaders.

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