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Stack in SmartFade for Backup Mode

The Stack provided in DMX Backup mode consists of memories 1-24 (48) linked in order. This Stack cannot be edited. Stack step 1 is the memory recorded to fader 1, etc.

Stack functions

By pressing STACK, the Stack is activated (lit at full) and connected to the Crossfader controls.The cue stack is loaded onto the Crossfader at step 0 (a non-existent step before step one) so that pressing GO, or starting a manual fade, will fade to step 1, which is the memory stored in fader 1.

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 1.23.15 PM.png

The LCDs will show the current state of the Stack, and the Up/Down time “Time:>5.0”, which you can change with the wheel.

If there is nothing stored in the Stack, the button will be off completely when not activated. otherwise it will be dimmed.

General Crossfader Controls. See “General Crossfader Controls.”

Jump to a step. See “Jump to step.” 

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