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SC1008 (BCELTS) Indicators Blinking Together


We have seen some SC1008s (BCELTS) in the field whose indicators look normal on initial power up, but are blinking in unison when flipped to emergency mode. Normally this indicates an unknown relay state. The installation manual walks through getting the relays into a known state, but that does not solve this issue.

Explanation of Issue

We have found that some units have shipped with the optical sensor, which determines the relay state, shifted out of position. This causes the SC1008 (BCELTS) to be unable to determine its current status and give an error indication. To resolve this one must shift these further to the left


  1. Disconnect both power supply sources and lockout/tag out appropriately.
  2. Loosen the screws above and below the white indicator cover.
  3. Shift the white cover (and thus the optical circuit board below it) as far to the left as you are able.
  4. Re-tighten the screws above and below.
  5. Perform the steps outlined in the installation manual (and below) for resetting the relays to a known state.
    • Loosen the four screws on the white cover and remove it.
    • Locate the four relay switches near the status LEDs.
    • Using a flat blade screwdriver, carefully slide the relay switch to the left.
    • Repeat for all four relays in the enclosure.
    • Replace the cover to the enclosure.
    • Reapply power from both sources and retest the unit.
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