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SC1008 LED Indicator States

Red LED Green LED State Notes
On On Normal and emergency power are both present. The SC1008 is supplying Normal power to the load.  
Blinking Off The SC1008 is supplying emergency power to the load. This may be due to the loss of normal power, the making of the fire alarm contact, or the activation of the test mode.
Off On Normal power is present; emergency power is not. The SC1008 is supplying normal power to the load and will not transfer.
Off Off Neither normal nor emergency power are being supplied to the unit. If the LEDs are not lit as expected when power is present, it is possible that one or both of the internal fuses have blown. See Fuse Replacement on page 10 to check and replace the fuses.
Blinking (Together) Blinking (Together) Unknown relay state More Information Here
Blinking (Alternate) Blinking (Alternate) Optical sensor is out of position More Information Here


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