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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

ELTS 1 Ice Cube Relays

ETC’s ELTS 1 is equipped with ice cube-style relays manufactured by ASCO and IDEC. Those relays may fail by fusing closed due to overvoltage and cause sporadic behavior within the ELTS 1.

To check for fusing within the relay, refer to the table below for resistance values between pins A and B as shown on the image. If you are not reading the values in the table, it is likely that your relay has failed and will need to be replaced.



Relay Cover Color Catalog Number Resistance Value +/- 10%
Yellow/Clear IDEC – RR3B-UL DC24V 400 ohm (360 to 440 Ohms)
Orange ASCO – 115271 10k ohm (9k to 11k Ohms)
Blue ASCO – 115277 500 ohm (450 to 550 Ohms)

These relays are not available for sale from ETC. They are available from many suppliers online and from electrical wholesalers. Relays are also available from ASCO at

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