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ETCLink was a wiring standard used for feedback of dimmer information to the console in ETC systems. Its use has been supplanted by the use of Ethernet networking in modern ETC consoles.

When ETCLink enabled dimmers were connected to the network Net2 Nodes, visual feedback could be provided on an Emphasis console using a feature of WYSIWYG called WysiLink.

The only dimmer to provide ETCLink support was Sensor with CEM Classic. Consoles that supported ETCLink included the Express/Expression line and Obsession 1 and 2. Sensor Backup button stations that could trigger backup looks directly in the Sensor racks from ETCLink were also available.

ETCLink connections to portable dimming and console equipment were made using a six pin Switchcraft style XLR.  Additional ETCLink connections for the Sensor Handheld remote were made using an RJ45 connection.  Both pinouts are pictured below.


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