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ArcMesh Fixtures Fade Off and On at Regular Intervals


An ArcMesh fixture fades off, then on, at a regular interval of 15-20 minutes.

Description/Explanation of Issue

As of ArcMesh Fixture Firmware 2.3, released June 16, 2020, ArcMesh fixtures will reset themselves to Network ID 0 if they boot up and do not connect to a TX-1 within 15-20 minutes. The intent of this is to make it easy to connect to a fixture that has been programmed to an unknown Network ID.

When a fixture resets itself, it will fade out while it resets. This will continue until the device connects to a TX-1--at which point the timer will stop. If the TX-1 goes offline, fixtures and drivers will not reset, this timer only starts on boot.


Ensure that a TX-1 is online in any space that is using ArcMesh fixtures and drivers.

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