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ArcSystem Single Cell Fixture and Driver Compatibility

ArcSystem single-cell fixtures come in the following primary varieties:

  • Standard
  • Small
  • Micro (MR16)
  • High Output

There are 4 drivers for single-cell fixtures.

  • D1
  • D1 High Output
  • D2
  • D4 Constant Current

Micro fixtures can only be used in D2 drivers. While the D1, D2, and D4 CC use the same Molex connector, the D1 and D4 output at a higher constant current than the D2. This current is higher than the rating of the LED emitter in the Micro fixture. If you connect a Micro fixture to a D1 or D4 driver, you may damage the fixture.

Running a Standard or Small single-cell fixture on a D2 driver will not result in damage to the LED, but the output of the fixture will be very dim, so this is not recommended. The High Output driver and fixture have a unique connector type and cannot connect to an incompatible product.