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ArcSystem TX-1 is Unresponsive - Only Power Indicator Lit


An ArcSystem TX-1 appears almost completely unresponsive. It does not show up when scanning for TX-1s in the commissioning software and does not transmit DMX data to fixtures. All of its indicators are dark except for Power, which stays steady on.

Description/Explanation of Issue

All LED indicators on a TX-1, with the exception of Power, are driven by the Jennic module on the main circuit board. This module also drives all wireless communications to and from the system. If the Jennic module is faulty or not fully seated on the main board, it will not function and the only LED indicator lit will be Power.


  1. After powering it off, remove the lid of the TX-1 by unscrewing the two screws on its face.
  2. Check the Jennic module (circled below in red) to be sure it's fully seated.
    tx1 jennic.png
  3. Power up and test the unit.
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