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ArcSystem Commissioning Tool Troubleshooting

When installing ArcSystem Commissioning software, your computer will automatically install drivers which are then associated when you plug in the ARC-CT commissioning tool. However, if you plug in the tool before you install the software, Windows may not associate the drivers to the tool correctly, or the drivers may not be installed properly. If you do not see a USB Serial Port (COMX) option in the tool selection drop down in the software, and your tool is plugged in, you may need to manually install and associate the drivers.

In the ArcSystem installation folder, there is a file called CDM20814_Setup.exe. This file will install and associate the commissioning tool driver. Run that file with your tool plugged in and the commissioning software closed, and you should be able to use it the next time you open the software. You may need to run the file as administrator. When running the file, you may see a command line interface showing the installation status, or you may not see it at all—installation can be nearly instantaneous, or it may take a few moments.

If you are installing ArcSystem software 2.0.3, and have not installed any previous ArcSystem software, the installer will not install the drivers. Click here to download CDM20814_Setup.exe.

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