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ArcSystem Radio Power Settings

ArcSystem Radio Power 

The power option in the settings of an ArcSystem TX-1 or fixture is the transmission power of the wireless radio module. The power options are different in an TX-1 from a fixture. We recommend in normal situations setting this to the highest power available to adhere to your country’s maximum allowed power. In Europe, the TX-1 must be restricted to 10dBm including the antenna gain. The supplied antenna is +2dBm which means the maximum power is +8.5dBm (option 2, see below). For the US and Canada, ARC-TX can be used at the maximum output power of 18.5dBm, with a maximum antenna gain of 4.4dBi. The numbers in the drop down box relate to the following levels:

0 = -16.5 dBm

1 = -5 dBm

2 = +6.5 dBm

3 = +18 dBm


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