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ArcSystem Software Does Not Allow Fixture Firmware Updates


With a fixture selected in the ArcSystem Commissioning Software, the Update Firmware option under Options is grayed out, even while in Commissioning Mode.

Description/Explanation of Issue

ArcMesh fixtures have two "slots" in memory for firmware. One slot is for the factory firmware, which does not change. The other slot is for field upgrades. If there is firmware in the upgrade slot, the fixture will use it on boot. If not, it will use the factory firmware. Updating the firmware from the commissioning software fills the field upgrade slot. Once that slot has firmware in it, it will not accept new firmware.

If the firmware version in the software is listed in green, the fixture is using the factory firmware. If it is listed in black, the fixture is using field-upgraded firmware.

In order to update the firmware after it has already been updated once, the field upgrade slot must be cleared.


  1. Select the fixture you wish to upgrade
  2. Select "Reboot to Factory Firmware" under Options
  3. Once the fixture has been rebooted and its firmware is listed in green text, it can be upgraded to the desired version.

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