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Cyc Tool Support


Q: Do I have to use math to convert units of measure to metric?
A: No, the app can be set to standard or metric units of measurement. In the Menu at the top-right corner, choose Units > Metric
Q: How do I change the language of the App interface?
The app automatically uses the language based on the device's Language settings. This is usually changed in a device's General Settings.
Instructions for Apple (as of Jan 2018):
Instructions for Android (as of Jan 2018): Depends on the device.
Q: Why is the app recommending so few fixtures for my (top/bottom) row? How do I see what the photometric levels will be if I choose to use more?
A: The app’s recommendation is based on horizontal blend/evenness. When one of the fixture rows is set more than a few feet /a meter from the cyc, a very even horizontal blend can be achieved with few fixtures. If you wish to increase the vertical (top-to-bottom) blend/evenness try configuring the two rows separately (one-at-a-time).
Q: Why aren't there fixtures in the app besides ColorSource Cyc, Spot, and Source Four LED Lustr in the app?
A: Though many different fixtures could be used to light a cyc, we only include the fixtures that are intended for cyc illumination in the CYC Tool app.
Customer requests for changes and additions to the app may be sent to with the subject line "CYC Tool Request".

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