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DMX doesn't work on S4WRD


DMX doesn't work on either RJ45 S4WRD Input.

Description/Explanation of Issue

Pins can bend on the RJ45 connectors, and if either has Pin 1 shorting to Pin 2, DMX is shorted out, and no pulses get to the Control PCB, and nothing to the LEDs.  


  1. Carefully examine both RJ45 connectors, looking for any bent pins.
  2. Rebend pins so they stay in place, and test by inserting cable.  The pins usually stay in place once they go back to their normal position.
    1. If the pin itself is no longer straight, or sits uneven with the other pins, it is highly recommended to send it in for replacement of the jack.  Otherwise, you may continue to have connection issues.
    2. A good workaround; As described in above, if the pin is irreparably bent and no longer communicates DMX, you can use the other jack as an input if you don't need to run through the fixture, move it to the end of the line, etc.
  3. Make sure to check your ethernet plug for damage/wear as we have found this may likely be the cause.  If the edge of the plug on the pin side gets damaged, it will cause the plug to latch onto the RJ45 socket's pin which pulls it up and possibly over as shown below.  


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