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How to update firmware on a Gadget II stuck in bootloader mode


I'm trying to update the firmware on my Gadget II using the instructions found in the How to update Gadget IO firmware on an Eos Family console post, but it tells me the update has failed. The Gadget II is listed as Bootloader in the Detected Modules section. How do I resolve this issue?

Explanation of Issue & Solution

A Gadget II stuck in bootloader mode is typically the result of a failed update. This mode means the unit is ready to take firmware, but it must be updated through an alternative method outlined below:

  1. On a Windows PC with ETCnomad installed, open up Windows Explorer (aka Computer or This PC depending on the Windows version)
  2. Confirm there is a BOOTLOADER drive listed (DO NOT OPEN THIS DRIVE). The drive letter will vary depending on how many other drives exist on your PC
  3. Navigate to C:\etc\nodesbin
  4. Right-click on the latest version of Gadget II firmware and choose "Send to...". - at the time of this writing the file name is "14d5.0114_Gadget_II_v1."
  5. Send this file to the BOOTLOADER drive.
  6. Unplug your Gadget II, and then replug to power cycle the unit
  7. Open ETCnomad, and go to Settings > Maintenance, and confirm the Gadget II shows up in Detected Modules. If so the unit is good to go. If not, please contact ETC Technical Services.
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