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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

How to set up a temporary Syslog Server


Several ETC products produce Syslog messages that can be used to verify a device is working properly and provide feedback about its health.  In some systems, an ETC Net3 Conductor is used to catch, store and log those messages for later review.

In systems that do not have a Net3 Conductor, it may be useful to set up a temporary Syslog Server as a way of capturing device feedback.  A free, opensource application to do so is Tftpd64, available here:

If you have questions about Syslog messages sent by your ETC equipment, please contact ETC Technical Support.  Be prepared to provide information about your system, the device(s), and copy of the complete Syslog.  It's important to note that many Syslog messages may appear critically bad, but are actually innocuous. 

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