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How to find the firmware version of a Gadget I or Gadget II in Net3 Concert


I am trying to figure out what firmware version is running on my Gadget I or Gadget II, but I do not have a console or ETCnomad available to check that. Is there a way to determine this using Net3 Concert?


Yes, although it's not straight forward. You're able to see the firmware version in a Net3 Concert log, by following the instructions below:

  1. Plug in your Gadget to your PC and launch Net3 Concert
  2. Click "Help" and choose "About Net3 Concert"
  3. About 2/3 the way down the about dialogue, click "here" to open the folder where the Net3 Concert logs are stored.
  4. In the folder will be a list of one or more log files (in .txt format), each with a date and time stamp in the file name. Open the file.
    1. While you can open it in the standard Windows Notepad program, it's easier to read and parse in Notepad++
  5. Search for "Gadget". You may get multiple lines which contain that string, but what we're looking for is a section of four lines, the bottom of which tells us the firmware version. See the example below. In this case we can see it's running firmware v1.1.0.
    1. You could also search for the serial number of the Gadget, as that should take you directly to the line we're looking for.
  6. Close the log file.


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