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Net3 Gateway Shows Blank Slots in Net3 Concert


When I open the DMX gateway configuration editor for my Net3 gateway in Net3 Concert, one or more of the ports show as an empty box.

DMX gateway configuration empty slot.JPG

Description/Explanation of Issue

In the configuration editor, each port has an image indicating what kind of connector the port uses (XLR, terminal, RJ45, etc). If there is no image, this indicates no sled or port is detected.


Steps to try:

  • Reboot the gateway
  • Swap DMX chips between the ports (you will need to open the gateway if it does not have sleds).
  • If the gateway has removable sleds for each port, try reseating the sled or swapping it with a known good port to verify if it is a sled or gateway issue.

If none of these steps resolve the issue, the gateway likely needs a repair.

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