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Response Mk2 DMX/RDM Gateway Port LED and Home Screen Statuses


What do the LEDs next to the ports on my Mk2 DMX/RDM Gateway mean?

What does the text on my home screen for each port mean?


Each port on a Mk2 DMX/RDM Gateway has an LED that indicates the current status of the port:

  • Output mode
    • Green (solid): Valid sACN sources on the port
    • Green (slow blinking): No valid sACN sources on the port. Note that the port can be in a Hold Last Look (HLL) state
    • Green (fast blinking): Attempting to output but there are other DMX sources detected on the DMX line causing a collision
    • Amber (blink): RDM transaction in process
    • Red-Green (alternating blinking): The port is updating a connected ETC device
    • Amber-Green (alternating blinking): The port is in DMX test mode
  • Input mode
    • Red (solid): Active DMX input on the port
    • Red (slow blinking): No active DMX input on the port
    • Red (fast blinking): DMX source is invalid
    • Off: Port disabled or power off


In addition to displaying the name and IP address of the gateway, the home screen provides information for each port.

  • Typical format per port: port #  direction  universe
    • Ex: 1 -> 12 means port one is outputting on port 12
  • Arrow directions
    • Left- facing: receiving
    • Right-facing: outputting
  • Background color
    • Black: active port
    • White: inactive port
  • Special characters
    • * after port number: port performing data loss behavior
    • DD: dimmer doubled port
    • AIP: Advanced Input Patch
    • ^ : port in downloader mode
    • X: disabled port
    • ... : universe is above 999 or split


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