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Getting Echo Device Firmware from UpdaterAtor


Most Echo devices can have their firmware updated by use of a microSD card and the ETC UpdaterAtor software.  However, UpdaterAtor is mostly used to update ETC devices over a DMX cable or Network connection, making Echo Firmware retrieval a bit of a different process.  Please see the steps below on how to achieve this.



NOTE: This must be done on a computer.  This cannot be done through UpdaterAtor on a Console.  

  1. Insert microSD card into computer and launch UpdaterAtor software.  
    1. If this is your first time launching this software, or updating to a particular firmware version, you will need an Internet connection to computer as well.  
  2. In UpdaterAtor software, select "Setup Versions" in the upper right-hand corner.  
  3. Locate the Echo device you are updating in the table and select it.
  4. Check the lower left-hand corner to see if the newest firmware version has been downloaded.  Select the "Download" option if it has not.  
  5. Once Installed, select it and then select the "Show In Explorer" icon to the immediate right. 
  6. This will open a File Explorer window in the location of the firmware file.  The firmware file will already be selected. Copy this file and paste it onto your microSD card.
  7. Follow the typical instructions for updating the Echo device in question.
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