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UpdaterAtor Backs Up CEM+ Config


When updating CEM+, UpdaterAtor automatically backs up the current system configuration. It will generate the following files:

  • GxRy_Arch.xml
  • GxRy_Panic.xml
  • GxRy_Preset.xml
  • GxRy_Sensor.xml

where x and y are Group and Rack numbers, respectively. For Group 1, Rack 1, it will generate G01R01_Arch.xml, and so on.

These files will be generated in the directory C:\Users\Username\Documents\ETC Backups\yyyyMMdd-hhmmss (for example, a folder generated May 11, 2022 at exactly 12:54pm would be titled 20220511-125400.)

These files can then be loaded to the CEM+ via SensorConnect or imported into Concert.


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