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How to Load a Saved Configuration via the webUI

Update using the webUI:

  1. Plug your PC into the network the CEM+ rack(s) reside on, and make sure your PC is in the same IP scheme as the racks.
  2. Open Internet Explorer, and make sure you've put the IP of the rack into compatibility settings.
  3. Login using the info below:
    1. username: power
    2. password: powerpass
  4. Click on Configuration on the left side of the screen, then click on "Upload Files"
    1. If the software is old enough, you may not have an "Upload Files" button, in this case go to https://[IP Address]/down.htm
  5. Click the Browse button and navigate to your saved sensor.rak configuration and then choose the install option.
  6. Once completed the rack will be loaded with the new configuration.

 What if I cannot access the webUI/login?

  1. Double check compatibility settings as listed above in step 2. 
  2. If this still doesn't work, consider uploading the file directly using http://[IP Address]/down.htm
    1.  Choose "Browse" and navigate to your saved sensor.rak file.  Install.
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