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ColorSource Relay Blink with Multiple Doug Fleenor Design Preset 10


  • In systems with both ColorSource Relays and (Doug Fleenor Design) DFD Preset 10 stations in which there are multiple Preset 10 stations we have seen ColorSource Relays blink on/off.
  • This only occurs in systems with multiple Preset 10 units. We do not see this occur in systems with just one Preset 10 device.

Description/Explanation of Issue

When Preset 10s are put into a multi-station configuration (one Master station and one or more Secondary stations), a data packet is sent by the Preset-10 units with an alternate start code to help them work together. CS Relays in v1.1.0 and earlier do not parse this packet correctly, and so will switch off and then on when they receive it.


Install a DFD DMX2DMX or DMX Decelerator in the DMX line between the last Preset-10 in the line and any ColorSource Relays.  This will remove all alternate start code packets, resulting in the ColorSource Relays functioning normally.  Otherwise, configure the system to use a single Preset-10 in stand-alone mode.

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