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ColorSource Relay and ShowBaby Show IDs and Wireless Spectrum

Wireless ID Settings

The different IDs you can set on ColorSource Relay correspond with SHoW ID.  These SHoW IDs change the way the wireless signal is broadcast.  Choosing the correct ID for your space can help you avoid wireless interference.  See also Avoiding Wireless Interference With ColorSource Relay

ColorSource Relay ID SHoW Baby Color SHoW ID City Theatrical Description Channels Utilized
1 Green 201 Neo Adaptive Full
2 Cyan 102 Neo Full Bandwidth Full
3 Magenta 117 Neo Low Limited Bandwidth 1-6
4 White 133 Neo Mid Limited Bandwidth 5-9
5 Red 149 Neo High Limited Bandwidth 7-11
6 Yellow 165 Max Technology 13-14
C Blue Set via RDM Custom  

With SHoW Baby Multiverse and ColorSource Relay Multiverse, the ID in C or Custom mode can be set in the range of SHoWNeo or Multiverse IDs.  

It is recommended that the ID on the receiver be changed before the transmitter, or the transmitter will no longer be able to find the receiver.

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