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Limited Burst Size in ColorSource Relay Transmitter

What is Limited Burst Size?

Limited Burst Size is an RDM editable property of the ColorSource Relay Transmitter.    It is a manufacturer specific property.
Limited Burst Size reduces the number of addresses output by the transmitter and the amount of energy broadcast.  This can help to reduce and control the amount of radio energy in your system and reduce your radio footprint.

The user may select any contiguous group of 52 or more DMX addresses in multiples of 52.  They can assign this to any start address.  For example if I choose 51 as my size and set an address of 1, then addresses 1-51 will be output and only addresses 1-51.  If I choose 103 and set the start to 2 then addresses 2-104 will  be output.  The addresses must be contiguous and only a start address can be assigned.

Here is an example of the Manufacturer Specific Property Screen with the Limited Burst Size options open as viewed through our Concert software:


Here is an example in the differences in radio output when addresses have been limited.  This image was provided by City Theatrical.


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