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Maximum Number of Receivers in a ColorSource Relay System

How many receivers can I have tied to a single ColorSource Relay Transmitter?

You can have up to 50 ColorSource Relay Wireless Receivers for one ColorSource Relay Wireless Transmitter within a 100m range. 

Each transmitter supports up to 32 RDM compliant devices connected. Each receiver supports 32 DMX devices connected.

When using ColorSource Relay Multiverse in  Multiverse Mode with a Multiverse SHoW Baby or Multiverse Node this number increases to 585 receivers for DMX and RDM, and no limit of receivers if RDM is disabled.  When using the Multiverse Transmitter this increases further to 5000 CSR-M receivers.  A SHoW Baby Multiverse or Multiverse Node is required to configure ColorSource Relay Multiverse into Multiverse mode. 

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