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Reconfiguring ColorSource Relay Multiverse with an ini file

I need to configure my ColorSource Relay Multiverse, but I don't have access to it via RDM.  What can I do?

Starting in version 2.1.0 of ColorSource Relay Multiverse you can configure a CSR-M via a USB stick with a configuration file on it. 

If you have a new CSR-M it should have shipped with a configuration USB.  If you have an older unit, and FAT formatted USB can be used but you will need to load the configuration file found here: 

How does this work?

The file contains a base configuration file.  Settings can be changed by changing specific values in this file and then loading them via USB.  

Are there any caveats?

  1. The CSR-M must be running v2.1.0 or higher for this to work. 
  2. The configuration file must be named CSRM-Config.ini
  3. The unit must be powered on BEFORE the USB is inserted, and the USB must be removed after the file is loaded.
  4. Only valid fields will be loaded, the unit will ignore out of range values.
  5. The loaded config is only valid when the ID dial is set to Custom.