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Jumper settings for EELV Module

The EELV modules use an EMC (electromagnetic compliance) capacitor, in order to comply with CE for loads greater than 3A (700W)

The presence of this capacitor may cause undesired operation (leakage) when the module is connected loads under 3A (700W). This may manifest itself as flickering or glowing when at a control level of zero (also reported as "impossible to turn off").

Each channel on the module is provided with a jumper, which can be removed to bypass the capacitor when a low wattage load is connected.

These are labeled as J3 (top channel) and J4 (bottom channel)



Jumper settings:

  • Jumper set
  • Jumper removed

The module comes factory-set with the jumpers set. The jumpers can be removed as required for the type of load attached. Note that the module remains CE compliant even with the jumper removed, so long as the connected load is smaller than 3A (700W).