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Foundry Mini Panel (UFMP) CPU2 not labelled CPU2


In September of 2023, ETC released the new Foundry Mini Panel CPU2 foundry to the market. However, there was an oversight in the labeling of the serial numbers on these units. The release notes indicated that the label should say “CPU2” but in reality, they did not. This discrepancy caused confusion among customers and users who were trying to identify which version of the Mini Panel they had.

To address this issue, ETC has made corrections to ensure that all new units built and shipped from now on will have the proper labeling indicating “CPU2”.  However, for those units that were already in the field prior to this correction, they will not have the “CPU2” label.

Instead, users will need to look for the presence of a blue DMX connector to identify if their unit is a CPU2 ( Image Below) . It is important to note that only CPU2 units come equipped with this blue DMX connector.

UFMPedited .jpg

In addition to the presence of the blue DMX connector, users can also identify a CPU2 unit by checking the part number listed on the outside of the unit. If the part number ends in 27, 28, 29, or 30, then it is a CPU2. Conversely, original part numbers for the CPU1 units ended in 07, 08, 09, or 10.

It is important for customers and users of the Foundry Mini Panel to be aware of these identification methods in order to accurately determine which version of the unit they have. This will ensure that any necessary troubleshooting, updates, or repairs can be carried out correctly and efficiently. ETC is committed to providing high-quality products and services to its customers, and these identification methods will help to maintain that standard moving forward.

If a new serial number sticker is required, please reach out to ETC Tech Services.

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