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Foundry Mini Panels and Class 1 Rated 0-10v Wiring


When pulling wire for 0-10v control, it is acceptable to have the AC voltage wires for the fixture power and the DC voltage control wires in the same conduit ONLY if using Class 1 rated wire for the control lines.  However, since the AC wires routed to the left side of the Mini Panel and the DC wires route to the right side, they will need to be split in an external junction box or trough before entering into the panel.  This is because you cannot have wires enter a Mini Panel behind a voltage barrier and then route outside and around that barrier.  

Steps to Solution

  1. Pull AC voltage and Class 1 DC voltage into a junction box/wiring trough just outside of the Foundry Mini Panel.
  2. Separate the AC lines and run then in conduit into the AC side of the Foundry Mini Panel.
  3. Run the DC control lines in separate Conduit to the DC side of the Foundry Mini Panel.


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