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Can't Open the CEM+ Editor by Double-Clicking on Icon in Net3 Concert Workspace


Double-clicking on the CEM+ icon in the Net3 Concert Workspace (Network Map) doesn't launch the Edit Dimmer Properties window when Live Edit is enabled.  The Dimmer Properites option is also not shown in the right click drop down menu. This is because changes to a CEM+ configuration must be sent to the device and are not editable live. 

Steps to Solution

  1. Disable Live Edit by clicking the Icon in the tool bar to toggle Live Edit off or navigate to File>Live Edit to toggle the Live Edit state
    clipboard_efdf5561a646a0d0e04a131ad0e30b995.png  When the wrench icon has a box around it you are in Live Edit mode.
  2. If you make changes when not in live control, be sure to send the device configuration so that it is sent to the CEM+.


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