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How to change the firing mode of a dimmer on CEM+?


How do I change the firing mode of a dimmer module on CEM+ (Sensor+)?


  1. Press the + or - button until you see [Dimmers], then press the check mark
  2. Press the - button until you see [Setup Dimmer], then press the check mark
  3. [Set Firing Mode] should show up first, but if not press + or - until it's shown, then press the check mark
  4. Set the range of dimmers you want to change. Press +/- to change the starting dimmer, then press check mark, and press +/- to change the ending dimmer, then press the check mark. If you only want to change one dimmer these numbers should match.
  5. Use + or - to cycle to the desired firing mode, then press check mark to save your choice. Options include Normal, Off, Switched, Fluorescent, Reverse Phase, and DD (Dimmer Doubled).
  6. Press the << button to return to main screen of the CEM+
Note-Icon.png These instructions assume the rack is in Full Feature mode.
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