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How to Enable and Access Dimmer Feedback for Sensor+ on Eos Family Console


I want to set up dimmer feedback on my Eos family console to see and edit my Sensor+ or Sensor3 circuits.


To enable:

  • Exit to the shell of the console
  • Navigate to Settings > Network > Interface Protocols
  • Enable 'Sensor/FDX2000 Feedback' or 'Sensor/FDX3000 Feedback'
  • Hit accept and power cyle console

To access:

  • In the show file, open Patch tab 12
  • Select Soft key 4 for {Device List}
  • Select Soft key 1 for {Dimmers}
  • You should be able to view your dimmers and select them to edit them

You can also access the following page in the Eos Family eManual to go over these steps: Dimmer List for CEM+, CEM3, and FDX 2000/3000

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