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Why can't I add my CEM+ rack in Concert

I'm trying to add my CEM+ Rack in Concert, but it crashes.  Why?

Please note that Concert does not support CEM+ versions previous to 3.1.1

There are two different errors you may run in to when trying to add your CEM+ rack in to Concert.  The first error occurs when you are in a networked system that has a CEM+ on the network and then  you try to add another CEM+ in to the system.  The second error occurs when you attempt to create a multi-rack system and do not re-number your dimmer numbers properly before trying to push the configuration to your racks.

Error # 1- Fatal Error: Networked System

If you are in a network with a CEM+ module, it shows up in your discovered devices, but then  you try and add another CEM+ rack in to your configuration-you will receive a fatal error on Concert that looks something like the image below when you try to edit any properties of the new rack:

Concert error.JPG

This error is cause by a bug in the software.  It is slated to be fixed in Concert v. 4.1.0.  The work around is to create a Network Map with your online CEM+ racks, make any changes (not in Live Edit mode), apply changes, and then push the configuration.  You will then be prompted to choose which configuration you would like to use to verify-choose the Network configuration.

You may do offline editing of your racks, reconnect, and push changes but you do not want to add racks if there are already CEM+ racks online.

Error #2- Multi-rack System: Duplicated Dimmers

When you are working in a CEM+ system that multiple racks, you may run in to an error as detailed below:

Your racks are online and in a multi-rack system but not yet configured:

CEM on line.png

You go to send your configurations to your racks by Synchronizing through Concert:

CEM send.png

You receive this error and Concert shuts down:

CEM send error.png

This error in Concert is created by a similar bug that confuses the configurations between multiple racks and does not actually reassign your dimmer numbers .  It is important to verify that your racks have kept their dimmer addressing before you try to push to multiple racks.

A similar situation will arise if you attempt to add a new rack in to an already existing group.

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